Drunk in the morning / 朝から酔ってます


I'm back from road trip going where these beers are sold. I'm drunk since in the morning of today because of it. Taste of beer drinking since in the morning is so nice !



I tryed some trails during the road trip, but unfortunately I couldn't try one trail witch reaches glacier because of rainy weather and schedule.

I had some opportunities to see wildlife on trails and the road side too. This guy called Black Bare appeared behind of trees almost 40m away from trail when I was walking on trail in Kluane National Park in last day. But this guy left as soon as he saw me looking like saying that 'What's that smelly guy !!! Smells like he has't taken shower for one week. Stinky stinky !!!' Actually, I hadn't taken shower during road rrip in camping life even though after trecking. I wasn't sure that I was really smelly or not.....

To tell the trouth, Basically Black Bear is timider than Grizzly Bear. I always hope all of wild animals to survive in wilderness and thank appearing.





I don’t eat this kind of sweets often, I think this bay be allowed after walking trail with heavy camera equip ments all day long. But I might be seen like a weird guy.....


Next one will be going to down south since next week !!!