Similar thing to this T-shirt / このTシャツに似たこと

This is design of T-shirt that was given from my local friend recently. This is not souvenir acually. The reason why my friend gave me this T-shirt is..... close thing from this design happened to me on river trip this summer !!!!!

これは最近地元の友人がくれたTシャツの絵柄です。お土産でくれた訳ではありません。なんでこのTシャツをくれたのかと言うと..... この絵に近いことが今年の夏の川旅で自分の身に起こったから !!!!!

One of big event on this summer was paddling Wind River with friends. Wind River is running in deeper wilderness and can be accessed with only flote plane from Mayo in Yukon. and This river is famous as witch has very clear crystal water.


The unexpected accident that I never experienced happeded on this river trip !!!!!

I never forget what and when it happened. It was about 1:15 am of August 15th.....



I don't use to be waken up by someone's snore beside of my tent during night in camp basically. But I woke up because of I felt something moving around and close to my tent at that night. I felt it was bit bigger than dog.

Then The thing happened when I tried to read what's going on right out of my tent after for a while.....

The roof was coming down to me !!!!!



The roof went back to reguler hight after a few second., then I bilieved in it is bear !!!!!

テントの屋根はすぐにもとに戻ったのですが、その時それがクマだと確信しました !!!!!

and then, I barked with lower voice twice, My friend and his dog sleeping next did it too soon.

However, we couldn't see, hear and feel anything around our camp after making noise. That's why, we couldnt say it was a bear without any evidence of it. Even though I bilieved in It's bear at first moment.....

It was a kind of misterius night.




Quiet few hints were only wet tent by something hairy and .....


wet roof of tent looks like some one licked .....

Licking sign seemed Moose does because of Its hight. Then we guessed the animal witch visited my tent might be moose and we went back to each beds.



We tried to find other signs around our camp again next morning.


I found flysheet was ripped !!!!!

フライシートが裂かれているではないか !!!!!

We found very fresh track looking like a small young Black Bear walking carefully close to tent. As a result, We didn't find any other tracks except for this. My yellow tent is behind of small willow.

Then, we reached the conclusion that someone who knocked my tent was a Black Bear after all.



I couldn't sleep back again if we supposed It was a Bear when we went back to asleep at midnight. I already had had simillar experiences but This was the most thrilling experience I'd never done. Of cause, We had kept all food and smelly stuff away from tents.

We supppose that The Bear just must curioused thents that bear had never seen, because foot prints seemed young bear.



Holy smokes.....